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Ride from Point A to Point B in style, luxury & comfort. Premium rides for single and group travellers

Get collected from the airport by a WhiteGlove Driver. Our Drivers ensure you arrive in style.

Exclusive, private, first-class services for VIP clients in Luxury Vehicles that suit your security and comfort needs.

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White Glove is a free mobile app for
booking top-tier luxury driving

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Our new app is the most convenient way to book a luxury car anytime.

First class
all the way

Riding with White Glove means comfort.
Our fleet of vehicles and drivers offer
the most premium executive driver
experience available.

Airport transfers
Taxi Services
VIP Transport

Book WhiteGlove drivers as easily as
ordering an Uber and experience first
class all the way.

The Executive

Luxury transportation means uninterrupted
comfort when you travel and work. From the
backseat of a WhiteGlove vehicle you can
operate as if in a 5-star office suite.

Our drivers are specially trained to understand
the needs of our clients and their movements.

White Glove is the premium choice of
transportation for business class people who
need smart, comfortable solutions for
themselves and their teams.

5 Star Driver

Are you a 5-star Driver that is looking to take
your business to the next level?

Find out more about joining our WhiteGlove
Driver program, where your commitment to
excellent service is recognised and rewarded.


WhiteGlove partners with select dealers of
luxury vehicles, allowing them to take their
fleet to the roads and earn revenue.

If you or your dealership wishes to enquire
about registering your fleet with the
White Glove service click the link below and fill
out the Dealership Partner Form.

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Our clients are our top priority and their ratings speak
for the level of our service

“This service is smart,
efficient and first-class.
When my board of directors needs to get
WhiteGlove is the only

Kari De La Parra​

I travel a lot and I really
apppreciate the level of
service and the standard
this app provides. I
would recommend to
any one - even just for
the fun of
riding in one of their vehicles.

John Jue

When booking travel for
our executive guests I
always to try to provide
them with 5-star
experiences. WhiteGlove
just made my job that
much easier. The
standard is truly

Eloise Smith

WhiteGlove is a
full-scale luxury
and exclusive

Being a WhiteGlove member you can expect top luxury service. We
emphasize on customer service and cater to your experience.